WSPCR Pilot and Fellowship Funding

Between 2011-2014, the WSPCR offered a flexible and responsive research funding scheme supported by NISCHR. The focus of the funding was for either pilot projects or fellowships to develop high quality research proposals in primary care in Wales.  

All the available funding has now been awarded, so we are no longer accepting applications.

Further details about the awarded pilots and fellowships will be published on this website, as the studies are completed and final reports are received.

With support from NISCHR, the £120k per annum pilot flexible funding award scheme was launched with 26 awards being granted:

  1. A novel compound to aid infection control in primary care settings (Pilot study). C Heard, Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University, £23,693.

  2. A point of care test for lower respiratory tract bacterial infection in Primary Care: a proof of concept study. I Matthews, C Gregory, Cardiff University, £9,775.

  3. Activity Increase Despite Arthritis (AIDA) Phase III / Development of a large scale trial evaluating the 'Hip and Knee Book' for those diagnosed with osteoarthritis (Grant writing fellowship). N Williams, N Ud Din, Bangor, £10,000.

  4. Adolescent mental health: Design of a web-based adolescent depression and prediction tool (Pilot study). A Thapar, Cardiff University, £7,782.

  5. Classification-Based Group Functional Therapy (CLASTER) in Subgroups of Chronic Low Back Pain (PIlot study). L Sheeran, V Sparkes, SOHSC, Cardiff University, £20,000.

  6. Clinical research post-doctoral fellowship in primary care dentistry. I Chestnutt. £21,532

  7. Community-based mentoring for people living with chronic pain. O Hughes, Powys Teaching Health Board, £22,171.

  8. Determine the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of evidence-based scripted consultations, for HPV positive women with abnormal smear tests, designed to reduce anxiety, inform uptake, and improve disease control (Grant writing fellowship). C Wilkinson, D Pasterfield, Bangor, £10,000.

  9. Developing Quality Care Metrics for Community Specialist Nurses in Rural Wales. D Roberts, Glyndŵr University, £10,130.

  10. Development and pilot evaluation of Tenovus Health Check: a targeted cancer awareness intervention for people from deprived communities. K Brain, Cardiff University, £10,660.

  11. ‘Fit for List?’ Optimising Wellbeing, Fitness and Outcomes of Cancer Patients. R Barlow, Cardiff University, £23,200.

  12. Investigation into the factors affecting community pharmacists engagement with spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions (Pilot study). L Hughes, Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University, £7,380.

  13. Management of dental pulpal and apical pathologies in primary care, use of antibiotics and the influences of prescribing behaviours. (Pilot study). I Chestnutt, N Francis, A Cope, Cardiff University, £8,400.

  14. Measuring activity recovery at home in the post-acute phase of stroke rehabilitation by means of a novel computerised system. (Pilot study). R VanDeursen, Cardiff University, £17,777.

  15. Medication monitoring for people with dementia in care homes: A protocol for an outcomes study (Pilot study). S Jordan, Dept of Nursing, Swansea University, £4,761.

  16. Natural Salicylates and Cancer – Cancer RDG, Workshop and proposal development (Fellowship). P Elwood, R Davies, M Gal, M Mustafa, Cardiff University. £10,917.

  17. North Wales Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Intervention Service (PUPIS): Pilot study to explore the feasibility and acceptability of Tele-PUPIS in the Community Setting. F Irvine, Glyndŵr University, £23,985.

  18. Nurse-led medication monitoring for patients with dementia in care homes in South West Wales: a feasibility study for a stepped wedge trial (Pilot study). S Jordan, Dept of Nursing, Swansea University, £23,077.

  19. Prevalence of ocular pathologies in patients with diabetes mellitus and their impact upon vision. R North, Cardiff University, £16,620.

  20. Reasons for placement and replacement of crowns in primary dental care in Wales (Pilot study). C Lynch, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, £12,734.

  21. Scoping study to inform future research to develop and implement a generic patient reported outcome measure of patient empowerment in primary care (Pilot study). M McAllister, Institute of Genetics, Cardiff University, £23,944.

  22. The GROMIT study (GROup Motivational InTerviewing): intervention development of group motivational interviewing to promote emotional and physical health in school pupils (Pilot study). S Murphy, Cardiff University, £13,986.

  23. The MOSAIC study. Molluscum Contagiosum in the Community: A description of the Epidemiology of the disease in the community (Pilot study). N Francis, J Olsen, Cardiff University, £15,890.

  24. Trial TORRENT software (recruitment aid) for the ADVICE (Acute Diahorrea and vomiting in children) study (Pilot study). F Lugg, N Francis, Cardiff University, £24,000 for a GP Software Capture System.

  25. Understanding primary care perspectives on treatment options for skin and soft tissue infections (Pilot study). C O'Neill, SEWTU, Cardiff University, £9,883.

  26. Vision screening for stroke (Pilot study). R North, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University, £8,395.