RAPP-ID. Development of RApid Point-of-Care test Platform for Infectious Diseases.

£12,776,340 (£112,888 to group)

EU Innovative Medicines Initiative

Principal / Lead Investigator
Jorge Villacian. (Chris Butler is co-leader of Work Package)

Profesor Alun Preece (COMSC at CU) Dr Allison Cooper (OPAN)

Type of study
Developmental Project 

RAPP-ID is a large integrated project, with leading experts in biotechnology and clinical sciences from across Europe that aims to achieve a step function change in diagnosing infection and identifying antimicrobial resistance for use in clinical practice and research studies leading to an effective and feasible Point-of-Care Test (POCT). The RAPP-ID consortium will develop a POCT platform for rapid detection of bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, as well as viruses and host biomarkers. 

RAPP-ID aims to apply new state of the art technologies to rapid diagnostics with a focus on 1) Sepsis; 2) Lower respiratory tract infections, including Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia; 3) Tuberculosis. 

In order to achieve a true POCT, advanced technological aspects need to be combined with clinical need and feasibility for practical use. Crucially, the added diagnostic value of the test and the clinical complexity of antibiotic treatment decisions will be considered. 

Group role / contribution
School led WP (European partnership)

Link with RDG / CSG or similar
SEWTU, Infection

Start date
Apr 2011

End date
Mar 2016

Further information

RAPP-ID Newsletter - Jan 2013