RAPP-ID study update

May 2013

RAPP-ID (Development of RApid Point-of-Care test Platforms for Infectious Diseases) was launched on April 1 2011, in Brussels, supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a public-private partnership between the European Union and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). The 5-year project was awarded circa 14.5 million Euros. In RAPP-ID, 5 major pharmaceutical companies, 10 Universities and 5 SME’s, spread across Europe will join forces to develop state of the art Point-of-Care Tests (POCT), aiming to provide an integrated solution that addresses the technological challenges to enhance clinical decision-making and improve the quality of care and clinical outcomes for the people of Europe and worldwide.

The first phase of the project, represented the key planning element of the project and was designed to bring all partners together in face-to-face meetings and regular teleconferences. The aim was to jointly first determine the clinical target conditions that would benefit the most from improved diagnosis for adequate antimicrobial treatment. The clinical expertise present in the consortium was complemented with a web-based survey, a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with clinical trialists and payers (commissioners). In addition, we integrated the lessons learnt at the Trans-Atlantic Task Force on antimicrobial resistance (TATFAR) meeting on “Challenges and solutions in the development of new diagnostic tests to combat antimicrobial resistance”.

RAPP-ID consortium  during second workshop Nov 20111

RAPP-ID consortium during second workshop, November 2011 in Rome

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