R-GNOSIS: Resistance in Gram-Negative Organisms: Studying Intervention Strategies.

£9,701,865 (£1,156,130 to group)

FP 7  

Principal / Lead Investigator
Prof Chris Butler (Primary Care Work Package Lead)

Prof A Edwards, Prof PR Kinnersley

Type of study

The R-GNOSIS project combines 5 international clinical intervention studies, all supported by highly innovative microbiology and mathematical modelling, to determine - in the most relevant patient populations - the efficacy and effectiveness of cutting-edge interventions to reduce acquisition, carriage, infection and spread of Multi-Drug Resistant Gram-negative Bacteria (MDR-GNB). 

All clinical work-packages (WPs) will progress science beyond the state-of-the-art in generating new and translational clinically relevant knowledge, through hypothesis-driven studies with a focus on patient-centred outcomes that matter to the people of Europe and beyond. Separate horizontal WPs will deliver transformational project-management, data-management and dissemination. The studies and analyses proposed in R-GNOSIS will generate a step-change in identifying evidence-based preventive measures and clinical guidance for primary care and hospital-based physicians, as well as health-care authorities, to combat the spread and impact of the unprecedented rise of infections caused by MDR-GNB in Europe.

Group role / contribution
WSPCR is leading the Primary care work package involving Wales, UK, Spain and the Netherlands

Link with RDG / CSG or similar
SEWTU, Infection, MitReg

Start date
October 2011

End date
October 2016

Further information
R-GNOSIS study website: http://www.r-gnosis.eu/
POETIC study website: