Community-based mentoring for people living with chronic pain

Lead researcher
Owen Hughes, Head of the Pain and Fatigue Management Service for Powys Teaching Health Board

This pilot seeks to explore the use of peer mentors to educate people with chronic pain in self-management strategies. the pilot has a view to a much larger project rolling out the process across Wales.

Chronic pain effect 9.9% of the population of Wales (Breivik, Collett et al. 2006). People with chronic pain consult their general practitioner around 5 times more frequently than those without, and chronic pain is a presenting condition in around 22% of primary care consultations (Royal College of General Practitioners 2011). It is therefore a significant public health problem. Not only if there're huge impact on the individual but the cost of society is huge (Donaldson 2009). Extrapolating from the above figures it can be estimated that the cost to Welsh economy as being £399m. In Powys alone it cost £18.2 million. (Directgov 2012)

Study design summary
This project will be analysed using qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the effectiveness of both the process and its impact.

Total awarded