Scoping study to inform future research to develop and implement a generic patient reported outcome measure of patient empowerment in primary care. 

Welsh Government (NISCHR) (WSPCR Flexible funding scheme)

Lead Researcher
Dr Marion McAllister, Institute of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University.

Dr Paulina Bravo

Study type
Scoping study

This study aims to identify the extent, nature and range of research and implementation issues related to use of patient empowerment as a Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) in primary care.  PROMs are short self-completion questionnaires that capture aspects of a patient’s physical health or health-related quality of life that come directly from the patient. PROMs are used in research as outcome measures (indicators) to compare two different ways of providing a health service and in the NHS to establish whether services are improving patients’ lives. Current UK health policy is committed to (a) using PROMs data, collected in the NHS, to enable patient choice and control, and (b) initiatives aimed at increasing empowerment such as Personal Health Budgets and Personalised Care Plans for people with long-term conditions (LTCs).

At present, suitable PROMs are not available to compare these initiatives according to how well they empower patients across different LTCs and different services. Considering that empowerment is not well-defined, this study will review the literature on definitions of empowerment and use the findings to develop a new definition that distinguishes empowerment from other related concepts in healthcare.  In addition, this study will collect interview data from relevant primary care stakeholders to establish the need for further research to develop a new PROM of empowerment for use in primary care.

Start date
Dec 2012

End date
Aug 2013