A novel compound to aid infection control in primary care settings

Lead researcher
Dr Charles Heard, Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University

Research question
Can the potent microbicidical activity of potentiated pomegranate rind extract (PRE) translate into an effective and societally acceptable disinfectant system to aid infection control in primary care?

The spread of infection in primary care settings such as GP surgeries and nursing homes can be due to transfer of pathogenic organisms from contaminated surfaces to patients following contact (e.g. by touch). Control is normally exercised by a range of disinfection agents, having varying levels of efficacy, and environmental or cultural (eg non-alcohol based) acceptability. We hypothesise that infection rates occurring in clinics and care homes can be markedly reduced by using medicated products (wipes, sprays) incorporating a novel and potent plant-derived microbicidal system comprised of a potentiated aqueous extract of pomegranate rind (PRE; the precise combination is the subject of a recent patent filing).

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