Management strategies for sciatica



Principal / Lead Investigator
Dr Nefyn H Williams

Profesor Alun Preece (COMSC at CU) Dr Allison Cooper (OPAN)

Type of study
Secondary Research - Systematic review

A systematic review will identify the most effective and cost-effective ways of managing sciatica. It will identify all of the high quality studies examining manual, medical or surgical treatments for patients with a clinical diagnosis of sciatica. Results concerning pain, physical function, mental health, health service activity and costs will be extracted. The results will be combined using a method that not only allows direct comparison of treatments in the same study, but also indirect comparison of treatments between studies (Mixed Treatment Comparison). Finally an economic model will be built that will compare the value for money of the health improvements across a range of treatments. 

Start date
March 2008

End date
September 2011