International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership: Module 4 For Wales (ICBP4)


Cancer Research Wales

Principal Investigator
Prof Richard Neal (Bangor University)

Law RJ, Weller D, Menson U, Vedsted P

Type of study
International comparative survey of patients, GP and consultants.

There are important differences in cancer survival across the world and the reason for this has not been fully explored. The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership is a unique and innovative international partnership of clinicians, academics and policy makers. It is the first of its kind and involves 12 jurisdictions in 6 countries, across 3 continents. Module 4 is about understanding the journey a patient makes from first realising something is wrong and approaching a doctor, through to specialist referral, diagnosis and treatment. It is imperative to find out where the key areas of delay exist, what may be causing them and how this varies between jurisdictions. This study focuses on breast, colorectal, lung and ovarian cancer and started in Wales in October 2014. It is anticipated this research will generate valuable insights to improve cancer survival outcomes.

Link with RDG / CSG or similiar
North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research; WCISU

UKCRN portfolio number
UKCRN  12534

Start date
Apr 2013

End date
Sep 2014