Development of scripts for use in consultations for HPV tested women (Scripted).



Principal Investigator
Professor Clare Wilkinson (Bangor University)

Hendry A, Nafees S, Hiscock J, Hendry M, Neal RD, Fox R, Cmapbell C, Clements A, Patnick J, Sasieni P, Hurt CN, Burgess C, Robling M, Clutterbuck A

Type of study
Qualitative focus groups and interviews 

As scientific explanations about HPV are complex, it’s difficult for doctors and nurses to share information in a short appointment. In a previous study our team has developed a full set of educational messages, backed up by science.  We want to check, through focus group discussions with women, which of these messages are most helpful and how best to phrase them in brief and readable scripts for doctors and nurses to use. We will then test them with a small group of women who have experienced an abnormal cervical screening test result and HPV testing.

We propose to develop two versions of a scripted consultation for women who have borderline or mild abnormalities of the cervix following screening: (one for women who are HPV positive, and the other for women who are HPV negative) to be delivered by primary care practitioners or colposcopists and test their suitability for use for use within interventions to be developed for future randomised controlled trials.

Start date
Nov 2013

End date
Oct 2014