Talking about HPV-related cancer: Developing and testing scripted consultations after HPV-related cancer diagnosis.



Principal Investigator
Professor Clare Wilkinson (Bangor University)

Hiscock J, Hendry M, Pasterfield D, Nafees S, Makin M, Gollins S, Evans M, Fiander A, Campbell C, Robling M, Sasieni P, Adams R

Type of study
Qualitative interviews 

HPV is complex and difficult to explain to patients.  A rapid increase in HPV-related cancers has led to an urgent need for an intervention to help clinicians communicate with patients about HPV-related cancer. The study builds on the HPV core messages developed through our previous research. It uses a qualitative approach to obtain the views of patients diagnosed with HPV-related cancer about the content, phrasing and contextualisation of draft scripts. This will lead to the development of evidence based cancer site specific versions of a scripted HPV consultation, backed up by take-home messages on paper for patients diagnosed with HPV-related cancer.

Link with RDG / CSG or similiar
Primary Care CSG; North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research; NISCHR-CRC

Start date
Nov 2013

End date
Oct 2015