Home-Start Evaluation: Development of an evaluation framework to analyse the impact Home-Start support has for families facing complex and multiple difficulties, including domestic abuse.


LanKelly Chase Foundation in collaboration with HomeStart UK

Principal Investigator
Prof Joyce Kenkre

Type of study

Analysis and report on data between April 2011 and October 2012 on 33,925 families referred to Home-Start from requests for support and support to families resident from health and social care in the UK. Of these there were 2337 (7%) families who were not offered or declined support. There were 76,031 children: 40,870 (54%) males; and 35,161 (46%) females. There were significant changes for child outcomes. Families were reporting improved management of child behaviour, being more involved in child development and coping better with their children’s physical and mental health.

In all four domains of family life [parenting skills; parenting wellbeing; children’s wellbeing; family management] the families had higher average coping scores at the end of the Home-Start support than at the beginning. Therefore families were reporting that they more able to cope with family life.

Start date
Mar 2013

End date

Further information
2013. Building resiliance: volunteer support for families with complex circumstances and needs. Joyce Kenkre, Elizabeth Young.