Health Technology Challenge Wales

May 2014

A little about the Challenge: It was launched as a regional pilot in 2013 and funded through the Intellectual Property Office’s Fast Forward Award scheme. We encouraged Healthcare practitioners and technology providers in South East Wales to work together to source innovative solutions to clinical problems. The aim of the challenge was to seek challenges from those working in healthcare to pose problems they encounter in their practice where they envisage technical solutions could be developed. The process was done in 2 stages the first was to collect challenges, the best ideas were then chosen and entered into a funding competition with applications invited from interdisciplinary teams to solve
these. In 2013 we funded 4 ideas, to a maximum of £25.000 each.

The Health Technology Challenge aimed to develop cross sector collaborative research projects focusing on medical technologies that look to translate innovative research in material sciences and engineering towards bio-medical applications. The project was specifically aimed at encouraging cooperation between universities and the NHS and the success of this pilot has inspired us to develop the scheme for 2014 into an ‘All Wales’ challenge.

The ‘All Wales’ challenge, (which would include us here in the South East, the West and North Wales Academic Health Science Partnerships) will also be opened up to Charitable organisations and Businesses, which in turn may offer them the
opportunity to expand their contacts within the various trusts, HEI’s and NHS Boards. It would also allow them to identify a project/s that they would like to be involved in.

It hoped that by making this an ‘All Wales’ challenge we would be able to broaden the contribution of ideas, so that academics, health care workers as well as the general public are involved. We have only just started to contact Charities and Businesses to see where their interest lies, and so far interest has been extremely positive, with at least one charity (Tenovus) confirming that if we ran it as an ‘All Wales’ project, that they would be involved.

How it works
By logging in to the website you can post your challenges, vote on ideas and use comments to suggest your solutions or improve on the idea. Suggest a new challenge and you will be entered into the competition to win a Kindle.

Challenge selection deadline: 12th September 2014
Call for applications open: 26th September 2014
Deadline for applications: 21st November 2014

*teams must be from Welsh NHS or University Institutions to apply for seedcorn funding. For more details and full guidance notes see or contact Corinne Squire or Sue Bevan

South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership

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