GRACE-INTRO (Genomics to combat Resistance against Antibiotics for Community acquired LRTI in Europe) (INternet Training for Reducing antibiOtic use) Trial.



Principal Investigator
Prof Paul Little

Dr Nick Francis, Prof Chris Butler in Wales

Type of study

This study is part of an International multi-centre programme of research into cough due to chest and other infections across 15 European countries, called GRACE. This part of the GRACE study will be carried out in 6 European countries and aims to improve antibiotic prescribing for acute cough in primary care. Acute cough /lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) is one of the commonest reasons why people seek health care and take antibiotics. The implications for use of precious health care resources and antibiotic resistance are considerable. There is a wide variation in antibiotic prescription in Europe, and based on what is known about how comparable patients are investigated and treated in different European countries, there is a need to identify educational programmes directed at clinicians and patients to determine whether they improve the management of acute cough. This study will compare antibiotic prescribing levels for practices trained via the GRACE INTRO programme (a self directed web based learning package combined with patient booklets), with those not trained, and in addition will determine whether the use of CRP tests (a test that can be performed in the surgery to help GPs decide who to give antibiotics to) are useful in targeting prescriptions to the correct patients. The aim is to see whether GP antibiotic prescribing behaviour can be improved so that only those patients with chest infections that will really benefit from antibiotics are prescribed them. We will assess antibiotic use, complications and cost-effectiveness.

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Start date
Sep 2011

End date
Aug 2012