Enhancing the Quality of Information-sharing in Primary care for childhood respiratory tract infections


Medical Research Council

Principal / Lead Investigator
Prof Chris Butler

Dr Nick Francis

Type of study

The study is a cluster randomised controlled trial. This means that one or more clinicians (GPs and nurses who consult with acutely ill children) at a practice will be recruited into the study, and the practice will be randomly assigned to either use the booklet or to continue providing usual care. Participating practices will then recruit 10 children with respiratory tract infections, who will be followed up by a telephone call from a researcher two weeks after recruitment. The aim is to evaluate the use of a novel new interactive booklet on respiratory tract infections in children, in primary care consultations. We want to see whether use of the booklet has any effect on consulting behaviour, parental ‘enablement’ and satisfaction, antibiotic use, length of consultations, complications, and other factors.

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Start date
June 2004

End date
December 2009 

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