Project Name
Building blocks follow-on study (Evaluation of the long-term effectiveness mechanism and costs and consequences of the Family Nurse Partnership parenting support programme in reducing maltreatment in young children).


Department of Health

Principal Investigator

Prof Adrian Edwards

Dr SAL Holland, Dr JR Segrott, Prof CC Butler, Prof K Hood, Prof AM Kemp, Dr JM Sanders.

Type of study
Service evaluation

A programme of home visiting by specially trained nurses to support teenagers expecting their first child (Family Nurse Partnership or FNP) has been compared to usual health and social care in a study involving 18 English centres. This study will follow up the same women and their children for a further four years until their child is 6. The FNP programme has been shown to reduce maltreatment of children in US studies, but has not yet been assessed for effectiveness in England. By accessing medical and social care records of participating women and their children we will measure whether the FNP programme has reduced maltreatment. The study will examine what aspect of programme delivery or of the participants themselves may affect outcomes.

School role

Start date

August 2013

End date
May 2018

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