Translating the epidemiology of health care associated infections and antibiotic resistance into improved clinical care.


National Assembly for Wales

Principal Investigator
Professor Chris Butler

F. Dunstan, R. Howe, G. John, E. Davies

Type of study

Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance (HCAI/AR) are major threats to public health, and account for considerable morbidity, mortality, and financial costs to the UK National Health Service and also globally. Evidence shows that urinary tract infections which are resistant to prescribed antibiotics last longer, and cause greater morbidity, than those which are sensitive to the antibiotics used. Despite considerable research effort, the fundamental challenges posed by HCAI/AR remain unanswered. While here is some limited evidence from our earlier work to suggest that reducing antibiotic usage may reduce antibiotic resistance in some types of infection, much more research is needed to translate findings at laboratory level on different types of bacteria to interventions which will inhibit the growth of resistance and improve patient care. The proposed project deals with the intermediate step, examining the pattern of resistance and factors which may affect it in specimens submitted from patients with an infection. Previous work of this type by our team has already led to a trial which is currently in progress and we hope that more interventions will arise out of the work planned for this project..

Group role / contribution

Start date
April 2009  

End date
July 2013 (extended due to data availability)