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Wales School for Primary Care Research

About Us

The Wales School for Primary Care Research (WSPCR) is a virtual school and partnership between the Universities of Cardiff, Bangor, Glyndŵr, Swansea and University of South Wales, funded by NISCHR, Welsh Government. It is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of primary care disciplines. 

Researcher network

We are building up a network of researcher and clinician members interested in primary care news and research collaborations.

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Wider Aims & Objectives

  1. To maintain, coordinate and develop strong academic leadership from within the primary care research community.
  2. To build research capacity and capability across Wales and across all primary care disciplines.
  3. To increase the research evidence-base for primary care practice in order to facilitate the implementation of the vision outlined in 'Designed for Life’ and to inform clinical practice and health care policy.
  4. To contribute to NISCHR aims and objectives and support the needs of collaborators.
  5. To promote the interests of primary care research among professional bodies in Wales and beyond.
WSPCR - Specific Aims & Objectives
  1. Build collaborations and involve users to identify and prioritise primary care research development themes.
  2. Lead and facilitate successful primary care research funding proposals that have a:
    • High quality and value.
    • Multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach.
    • Themes consistent with Welsh primary health care policy priorities.
  3. Lead and support the delivery of high quality primary care research projects.
  4. Influence clinical practice and primary health care policy through targeted publication and dissemination of School led and supported research.
  5. Facilitate the translation from evidence based primary care research to primary care practice, for the benefit of the patients of Wales and beyond.